Jeff | Best Apps and Games 16 November,2019


Jeff makes GIFs, allowing you to visually share your ideas in three easy steps. Simply select, record and share your screen with colleagues, clients or followers.

1. Capture your desktop or grab a section of your screen by dragging and expanding Jeff to any size.


2. Record what your doing on your screen. Jeff will automatically upload a GIF to your Dropbox.


MacBook Air

3. Share your Jeff. Paste the link in Trello, Slack, Twitter, Basecamp, iMessage or email. Wherever you can share a link, you can share a Jeff.

Jeff can help you:

• Record ways to reproduce bugs
• Visually explain concepts to remote workers
• Show off specific elements of design prototypes

megan rapinoe

• Demonstrate software functionality or behavior to clients
• Create tutorials (including family member tech support)

A picture is worth 1000 words. A Jeff is worth much more.

Note: A Dropbox account is currently required to use Jeff.

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