Jigsaws Galore | Best Apps and Games 12 February,2019

Jigsaws Galore

Version 7 of the ultimate jigsaw puzzle game! Now comes with 114 beautiful puzzles (including the 64 from the free edition). Or, create your own from photos and screen captures.

Simply double-click a jigsaw to start playing it or have fun trying out the many powerful features. Here are just some of them:

Choose the number of pieces you want from 4 to 64,000
Choose the size and style of pieces
Choose the thickness of pieces, such as paper, card or wood

iMac '27

Turn rotation on and off at any time, even while playing
Automatically arrange pieces around the edge or in a grid

andra day

Automatically sort pieces by similar shape and color

Steve Jobs

Create any number of handy trays
Solve onto the adjustable background ghost image


Use the Magnifying glass for a close-up view
Complete with undo/redo moves, auto-solve, programmable textures, skins, colors, sounds, help manual and much more.

There are many additional jigsaw sets available for this game at our web site!

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