Jottit – Notes Tasks & To-Do List Organiser | Best Apps and Games 20 January,2019

Jottit – Notes Tasks & To-Do List Organiser

Jot down notes to-do lists & tasks.

We understand people are often torn between using either a conventional to-do list or a note taking app, our focus was on helping people be productive by offering the powerful features of both whilst keeping things organised into notebooks and shelves.

How to use:

+ Add a notebook to use for either a checklist, notes or both
+ Add notes or tasks to notebook
+ Set reminders and due dates
+ Complete upcoming tasks

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iPad Air 4

+ Keep track of all your reminders
+ Add shelves to store & organise notebooks

Notes and lists are kept in notebooks. Shelves are used to store notebooks.

**Jottit is FREE to celebrate out launch and the launch of our parent company Xebula – So Download Today**

**Recommended Update**

– New Reminders tab to track of all notes & task reminders
– Add notebooks to shelves – tap on the notebook title when notebook is open and select add shelf
– Unassigned quick notes and bookmarks are all within the notes tab. Bookmarks tab is now replaced with reminders.
– Bug Fixes

iPhone 6

– Fixed bugs regarding where some users UI would not refresh

iPhone 7

– Performance improvements

We would also like to thank everyone who has downloaded, we are working on some great features and cannot wait to share them in the near future. Please make sure to update.

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