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Journal 9 – Diary Writing & Personal Daily Journal.


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"Journal 9 is a simple and intuitive tool that makes journaling fun, visually appealing, and keeps your entries private. It is the perfect app for capturing and remembering the highlights of each day!"

–Brittany Scheid, MS Mechanical Engineering

We are so proud to say that, Journal 9 is the best journaling app for iPad ever seen. Journal 9 Have a One-Point Mission That Is to Provide User a Tool To "Express". We the Team of Journal 9 Work Very Hard to Provide Quality Product and Services to Reach Customer as Well as Self Satisfaction. We Always Move Towards Making Our App a Masterpiece.



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We provide lot of space to express yourself in word by using text and stickers, with creative fonts.

We provide twice the space for adding photos to memories which you capture in your journal.

We believe that one photo, says more than 1000 words. So, you joy or sorrow will be reflected in that one pic of your face.

With the launch of version 9.0.2, we made lot of changes to our app, which made it super easy to use. We are so sure that, a person who sees the iPad first time, will understand "how to use Journal 9” within few moments.

Their are so many people who tell us that, the first thing which impressed them was the first impression, that was the tutorial. We care about our users, and want to make sure that they understand our product well.

Are you worried that other people will read your personal information? Then, we have a solution to that problem too. You can set a pattern lock to your journal, so that when you are not using it or handed your iPad to some else then they will be not be able to unlock your journal.

We worked a lot to bring the perfection. From pixels to animations and we added detail to every little thing. The presentation of the journal pages will going to blow your mind. If you used any other journaling apps in past, then you will say that – It is something really different.

With each new entry, we give you a quote for that special moment, which will going to make you feel that you are special.

If you wish to capture your life creativity in your inbox or your camera roll, then we will do that for you in just few taps.

You can customise your journal by adding your best pic of 2016, and then writing your brief summary. Even your favourite quotes and the person you love the most description is also their for you…



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Dear Writers,

We Work Very Hard to Provide You a Quality Product. We Fixed Many Things Which Were Reported by You and Found by Us Like – App Crashes When Photos Are Selected And Then Deselected. Even the Wrong Pop-Up Coming After Tapping the Done Button. Even, Their Was a Bit of More Perfection Added to the App Overall Animation.

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If You Find Anything Broken in Our App Then Send Us to [email protected] We Cannot Respond Back to Our Your App Store Reviews, but We Are Reading Every Mail, Review, Tweet, Comment, Etc to Make Our App Better for You.

Happy Journaling!

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