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Joyspace – Fun group photo & video sharing

Fun group sharing + a perfect camera 🙂

Join millions sharing photos & videos on Joyspace! You can shoot with stunning lighting using our ultra-camera or select stuff from your camera roll, like saved Snapchats. Then just choose a group and post! There’s drawing & captions, unlimited storage, and so much more!!


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People around the world are saying…

"Love how easy it is to share with my best friends in one chat!" – Amy R.

"I only have the 32GB iPhone lol. The unlimited sharing saves so much space on my phone :)" – Emily L.

"We use Joyspace to share’s and get feedback before posting. I get so many more likes now" – Rachel B.

"The app is so fun! I love the colors, drawing, and captions. Makes everything so much cooler" – Daniel S.

"It’s like Snapchat for groups except we get to store our favorite memories" – Brandon M.

Big things, check it out 🙂

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