Jury Strike | Best Apps and Games 15 October,2018

Jury Strike

JuryStrike was created as a tool to help trial attorneys more effectively select juries. Each new case can be customized to reflect the actual jury panel. All questions can be customized and the responses of each potential juror tracked to ensure appropriate follow-up during individual questioning process. After the process is completed, the attorney can strike the final jury on the touch screen.

Features include:

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iPhone 7 Plus


-Customizable juror profiles with ability to take and save notes for later reference.


-Touch interface to ensure easy and accurate tracking of juror responses to questioning.
-Ability to save all voir dire questions and customize the questions for each new case.
-Touch interface to show which jurors have been struck by plaintiff, defendant, or by Court for cause.
-Ability to seat final jury in box at touch of a button.

• The jury seats on the Strike Jury tab will now change colors to correspond with the green and red thumbs up and thumbs down indicators within Individual VD.

• The juror’s name will now display at the top of the screen when their number is tapped within the General VD tab

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