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Just Call Me Pro

Just Call Me Pro locates any iPhone phone number around the world, by just calling it. The locating iPhone doesn’t need to answer the call.

Just Call Me Pro works without the international calling prefix.

Just Call Me Pro works only with iPhone phone numbers.*

Once Just Call Me Pro is installed on iPhone, it must be configured with its own correct phone number. If Just Call Me Pro is entered with an incorrect phone number, Just Call Me Pro won’t work.


Here is how to enable Just Call Me Pro in iOS 7 for iPhone.

In order to use Just Call Me Pro in iOS 7 for iPhone 5S, please follow four steps below.

1) Enable Background App Refresh for Just Call Me Pro.

2) Enable Location Services for Just Call Me Pro

3) Enable Cellular Data under Settings / Cellular.

4) Set your phone number.

Set the correct phone number without the international prefix. For example, if you are in USA, “1+” international prefix is not needed. To provide your phone number correctly, provide only digits. For example, let’s your iPhone phone number is 1-310-555-1212, then enter only “3105551212” to register your phone number with Just Call Me Pro.

Providing an international prefix is not required. If the international calling prefix is provided, Just Call Me Pro will not work.

For iOS 8 & 7, make sure Background App Refresh and Location Services areEnabled for Just Call Me Pro, as the screenshots shown above. Cellular Data in Settings must be enabled.

For iOS 6, only Location Services and Cellular Data in Settings must be enabled.

And, both locater and locating iPhones must install Just Call Me Pro.

Just call me pro is battery optimized. Continued use of GPS running in background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Optimized the battery usage.

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