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JW Companion

JW Companion is the most capable application on iOS device for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Books, Magazine, Brochures/Tracks, Videos and Songs for Christian Worship you may need for ministry, personal study, or meetings are well organized in folders and very easy to use. No Internet connection is required after first download.

This app will be your virtual briefcase, your "companion"; it replaces a document viewer, pdf reader, pdf scanner, ePub reader, notepad, checklist planner, drawing pad, text editor, file manager, download manager, music player, video player, and bunch of other applications as the one simple app. More importantly a very secure browser for kids, toddlers and all of us who are trying to avoid questionable Internet Web sites.

** Split screen: Compare side-by-side the rendering of verses and books across different translations.
** Text to Speech: Listen to books in your preferred language.
** Field Service Activity Report. Track your ministry activities (time, literature placements, return visits and bible studies).
** ePub annotation: Highlighting and notes are now supported for ePub books.


READ (Meeting or Service)
– Read books, magazines and brochures
– Navigate between multiple study tools and books without closing the one you are currently reading.
– Very practical for meetings: Have all the books you need open in one window.
– Read, annotate and draw Watch Tower study magazines
– Colour and Draw during family studies
– Download activities for kids for colouring and drawing
– Record directly your comments in advance in the document
– Search Inside Documents

– Use the Word Editor to write your talks or any other documents
– Create and Edit Word document
– Convert Word document to PDF
– Create and Edit PDF file
– Convert PDF file to Word document

– Record public talks while writing notes.
– Download the RTF version of the Assembly program and take note right in the document without having to write the themes.
– Record your comments in advance if you can not go to a meeting and send your recordings by email.

– Secure browser to access only official sites from the organization.

iPad Pro

– Turn off Safari Browser from Settins/General/Restriction of your device.
– Kids and toddlers will never access questionable internet web sites.
– Easiest way to download files from jw.org, automatic detection of files and Companion app will prompt you to download available files.

– Download all videos you need then use them offline in field service
– Watch offline all videos from JW site
– Listen offline to Your Favorite Music for Christian Worship.


– Listen offline to Bible reading or any other publication available on JW site.

– Manage your files
– Copy Documents from Mac or PC
– Sync with Dropbox, Google Drive and other Services
– Share Files with Your Friends
– Protect Everything with a Password
– Browser protection for kids.

– Store Email Attachments
– Download Documents from the Web
– Save Web Pages to Read them Later

JW.ORG Copyright
jw-companion is in total compliance with jw.org terms of use.

To access the online support page: Tap on the settings button then tap on Help button: http://icubemedia.net/en/help/how-jw-companion-works
Or Email us: [email protected]

*** ePub Annotation***
Annotation, highlighting and notes are now supported for ePub files. Go to Settings and turn on the Download File Format switch to ePub in order to download ePub files from preset links. Any ePub files downloaded from browser will allow annotation.

***Duo Screen***

iPhone 6 Plus

Duo screen setup for multi-language studies or activities. This feature will allow you to open 2 PDF documents at the same time. To activate this feature go to settings, turn on the Duo Screen switch, then open one PDF document. Tap the + (plus) button to open a second PDF document in a second screen. When the two documents are open in your iPad they will at first appear one above the other. You can also tilt the iPad horizontaly until the publications appear one beside the other. Depending on the format you choose you can then lock your iPad (using the external ‘lock’ switch on your iPad), to maintain the placement of both opened publications, either side by side or one above the other.

***Text to Speech Control***

dominican republic deaths

If you want the app to read a PDF book, you will notice a new speaker button on bottom left corner after you will open the PDF. Tap on the speaker icon, choose the language of the book then adjust the controller so you can have the perfect speed. You may need to tap on play button each time you reset the speed.

***Report Service***
Report Service helps to keep up with your field service time, return visits, literature placements. Go to the Settings screen and tap Service Report.

*** Notepad with Notification and Reminder***
A real notepad with grid lines was added. To use this feature, go to the Settings screen, turn on the switch for Notepad then the Drawing from the main screen will turn into Notepad. If you just want to handwrite your notes or draw (kids), turn off the switch for Notepad.

*** PDF Scanner***
The camera from the main screen can scan an image into a PDF document. To activate the scanner, go to the Settings screen, turn on the switch for the Scanner and the Camera will turn into a Scanner.

***More languages are now supported.***

***And other improvements.***

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