JW Friend | Best Apps and Games 23 February,2019

JW Friend

Download all the animated videos from jw.org and view them without Internet connection. They are downloaded in the highest resolution which is 720p. Use a WIFI connection to download them in order to ensure a fast and stable download and one that does not burden your mobile subscription.

I have ensured that JW Friend does not compromise the current term of use on jw.org. It is considered to be an app that simply downloads a movie from a web site for personal use in the same manner a web browser does.

Available in 21 languages:
• Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)
• Chinese Traditional (Mandarin)
• Danish


• Dutch
• English
• Finnish

iPad Pro

• French

cold pursuit

• German
• Greek
• Hungarian


• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Malagasy
• Norwegian
• Russian
• Swedish
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Spanish
• Tagalog

– Song 95 added in available languages (if the song is not in your language the English song is downloaded as default)

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