K-9 SAR Handler's Training Log | Best Apps and Games 19 October,2018

K-9 SAR Handler's Training Log

K-9 SAR Log is a must-have app for the serious K-9 Search & Rescue Handler. It encompasses a convenient Log where detailed information for both Training Sessions and Mission Deployments can be recorded. The log allows the Handler to insert a Search Site Sketch, Image or Map into each log and record relevant data such as Start Point, track to victim, victim location and distractions plus more. Each log sheet provides data suggestions but also allows the Handler to customize their entries according to their unique situation. A Skills Log allows the Handler to record training goals and achievements. A Team section provides a place to record both team member data and operational contact details, a K-9 Medical profile can be maintained for your dog and a Quick Reference Section offers a selection of useful material.

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