Kanbana – empty your head | Best Apps and Games 16 October,2018

Kanbana – empty your head

Kanbana is a personal task manager for everyday activities that will help you gain clarity and balance workload.

We believe that task management should be fun, easy and fast so we constantly strive to create a task board that is pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to use.

Kanbana can be used from anywhere without worrying about connectivity. Offline usage is completely free and data synchronization between iPad, iPhone and your desktop machine can be bought from within the app.

The goal is to create the best user experience of any personal task board available so please send your feedback to help us fulfil this goal.

We want to improve the in app purchase ‘Kanbana Anywhere’ from the buying experience to the product itself. This release fixes an error that a few users are experiencing when signing in for the first time on a new device after buying ‘Kanbana Anywhere’.

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