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Kaspersky Virus Scanner Free

A simple, free tool to check your Mac for viruses, Trojans, Windows and Android malware and more.

Kaspersky Virus Scanner, with its different scanning modes, is easy to use, always up-to-date and compatible with any anti-virus software. It has an optimal set of features, as follows:

• Easy and Flexible scanning


3 types of on-demand scanning to select from: Full scan, Quick scan and Custom scan, followed by a detailed report on the results of the check. Note: To perform Full scan or Quick scan, you will need to allow the application to access the entire hard drive.
• Scans Mac, Windows and Android viruses
Checks your computer for the presence of malware for Windows and Android as well as Mac, sparing you the embarrassment of sending an infected file or virus to your family, friends or colleagues.
• Total compatibility

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Fully compatible with any anti-virus software for Mac computers – so you can double check the security of your Mac.
• Free daily autoupdates


Free daily database auto-updates to check your Mac against all currently known types of threats and viruses*.

*Note: Free malware database updates will be available while Kaspersky Virus Scanner for Mac is supported by Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab reserves the right to discontinue updates when the tool is superseded or discontinued.

Now available in 9 languages!

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