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KeepSolid Phones

Get a secure local phone number in another country without registering a contract in a few simple steps with KeepSolid Phones. It is an innovative application that is based on VoIP technology and encrypts your voice calls and SMS text messages.

KeepSolid Phones is built for both personal and business use. People who have to travel a lot, find KeepSolid Phones simply perfect to continue communicating with their clients, employees, family and friends.

• Get local numbers and use them worldwide.

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Acquire as many telephone numbers in your local area or in any other country or city as you want. You don’t have to sign contracts, buy additional SIM cards or provide the proof of your ID.

• Save money with KeepSolid Phones
The app offers 7 days of the free trial usage for all new clients, including a personal phone number and some funds to test the quality of the app. Also, the use of unlimited amount of phone numbers available in different countries is highly beneficial. We offer the lowest distant calling rates that are up to 90% cheaper than your regular telephone carriers are able to provide.

• Stop Spam & Cold Calls

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Use dedicated numbers from KeepSolid Phones for one-time calls and forget about companies, that will add your phone number in multiple databases for future spamming and cold calls.

• Secure your conversations


KeepSolid Phones is a unique VoIP-based app that encrypts and protects phone communications and SMS text messages through the use of VPN service.

• Split Phone Conversations
Use KeepSolid Phones to have multiple telephone numbers, yet keep your telephone bill on your budget. With KeepSolid Phones you can use a particularly selected phone number for a specific purpose.

In this version we have added:
– History of calls available for any of your numbers
– Possibility to add numbers to black list from both from calls history and contacts

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– Ability to make a call from SMS chat
– Multiple user interface improvements for better user’s experience

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