Kik | Best Apps and Games 18 December,2018


185 million people love Kik! Only Kik lets you connect with all your friends, no matter how you meet them – at school, on your favorite social app, or in an online game.
Just ask them: “What’s your Kik?”
• Show your personality.
Set up a username that’s unique to you.


With Kik, you never have to share your phone number
• Connect on your terms.

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Kik’s special features let you manage your conversations, so you always decide who you talk to
• Do more than chat.


Find and share games, music, celebrity gossip and more – without ever leaving Kik Whether you’re into games, music, celebrity news, or just chatting, Kik is the place to hang out! Here's what our users have to say: “Love how Kik allows people to text me without having my number” – Kee “This is a great safe way to meet new people and chat with them” – Kristin “Really excellent.


I love it!” – Cody

Just in time for the holidays! We’ve got a present for you:

• Add up to 50 of your friends to a group

• Admins can now add a group name, photo, and kick people from the group

• Create and join public groups with hashtags

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