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King: the MMORPG brings you fantasy adventure from a war-torn land. Join the Sun Alliance or the Flame Empire and fight for control of the continent of Kandar. Choose from 4 classes, then specialize your skills and look to make each character your own! With an enormous and vibrant world to explore with friends and intense PvP combat to test your skills, a whole world of adventure awaits in King: the MMORPG!

– Explore the world of Kandar and fight for your faction in an enormous fantasy setting.
– 4 different classes of character to choose from, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
– Hundreds of customization options to build your character in your own way–change their look and tailor their skills to fit your style of play.

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– Take direct control of your fighter or use autocombat to make power leveling a breeze.
– Built-in social and guild mechanics make it easy to chat with your friends and play together.


– PvP and PvE game modes gives players options to play how they want.

1.Update maximum level up to 90 with new challenges.
2.New Instances with new monsters.
3.New epic skills for each class.
4.New Gold Blood Souls.
5.New Level 85 golden equipment.
6.New Pet Album.

iPhone 7

iOS 9

7.New Guild Instance
8.New Guild Feast.

1.Optimize matching system.
2.Optimize event interface.
3.One-touch claim and remove mail function.
4.Optimize the costume synthesis system.
5.Optimize wishing well event.
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