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Koda Quest – A Fingerprint Network App

Can you help me? I’m Koda the polar bear and my ice is melting from too much heat on earth.

Kids ages 5-10 will have fun feeding, cleaning, playing and dressing Koda, but in order to help Koda and level up in the game, they will also have to take Real

World Missions, like recycling and saving water in their home. Game is free: no-cost to download, no in-app purchases.


*Earn coins by taking care of Koda.

*20-level care game, with polar bear food items, care actions and cool activities.

*Kids get a surprise from Koda at level 20!

*Inspires eco-friendly behavior in kids!

*2 mini-games reinforce eco learning.

*Innovative—1st game ever to feature real world actions kids can take at home!

Koda Quest is created by Cool the Earth, a non-profit organization with an

optimistic approach to addressing climate change through small, simple actions

to reduce energy and water use. For more information visit CooltheEarth.org.


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Koda Quest is part of the Fingerprint Network of games for Learning and Play. Fingerprint offers a range of features to support the whole family including:

– A Shared Family Account makes it easy for kids and parents to share a device and allows parents to track the game play and learning of multiple children under a single account.

– In-App messaging lets kids and parents to send one another fun and encouraging messages.

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