KryptoMail — email client with built-in support for PGP encryption | Best Apps and Games 16 October,2018

KryptoMail — email client with built-in support for PGP encryption

Krypto Mail is a full-featured email client that lets you send and receive digitally signed and encrypted emails using PGP standard. It is compatible with virtually any IMAP mail server.

Krypto Mail is the first full-featured mail client on iPhone and iPod touch that provides enterprise class security of PGP encryption, making it compatible with other PGP software. Unlike many other security solutions it decrypts your mail on your device using your personal private key, which means that nobody else can ever read your communication. Not your internet provider, not even us. It also lets you digitally sign your emails and verify signatures on your incoming mail, ensuring that the content was not altered by third parties.

Krypto Mail is not only about security, but also about advanced email features. It uses IMAP and is therefore compatible with virtually any mail server and lets you configure all your accounts in one place. We created Krypto Mail to be intuitive to use, rich in features and secure for business.

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