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Land Sensor

Land Sensor – Visitor Counter for Second Life®

Check traffic on your virtual land with your mobile device at any time, from anywhere. Send IM, Notecards and Objects. Manage your Land Access.

This system keeps a list of every visitor to your land in Second Life and shows their names, date and number of their last visits and their public profile pages on your mobile device.

Excellent tool for your virtual store or a club.


iOS 9

To test the App without Second Life just scan the QR code on the app Screenshot next to standing avatar (open iTunes on Mac). Some random avatars will be shown.

The system consists of a one-prim Land Sensor rezed on your virtual parcel (inside Second Life) and this mobile App installed on your mobile device (in Real Life).

Your mobile device can be paired with the Land Sensor Inworld by scanning QR-code displayed on a sensor’s face. You can add as many Land Sensors to your mobile device as many parcels you have in Second Life (SL) with installed Land Sensors.

You don’t need to provide any SL usernames or passwords to this App, everything is done by scanning the QR code.

The Land Sensor is located on your parcel inworld and measures traffic. Your mobile device can communicates with the sensor and checks status periodically in background. You get a notification message on your mobile device when some visitors come to your land. The number of new visitors is shown as a badge number on the App icon. If a visitor is noticed at the first time, you also hear a sound notification.

All notification settings (sounds, lock screen, badge app icon) and maximum number of logged visitors (min 100, max 3000, default 500) can be set under device Settings (Gear icon -> Land Sensor)

You can also send IM messages and Notecards to any selected visitor with your mobile device. Just put your Notecards and Objects you want to share to the prim’s inventory. They will be listed on your mobile device when you tap on Share icon on the bottom bar.

You can also send a profile link to your SL chat window from your mobile device and locate your Land Sensor in-world in case you forget its location.

– In Second Life: Rez the one-prim Land Sensor on your parcel and wait for QR code
– Touch the sensor in case the QR code is not shown automatically.
– In mobile App: Go to Sensor list and tap the + button to Add a new sensor. Then tap on the Camera button and scan the displayed QR-Code of the installed sensor in-world on your computer screen
– Wait for a few seconds for mobile device to be connected to the Land Sensor. You will hear a sound and QR-code will disappear.
– All current visitors on your parcel will be shown on your mobile device
– You can now log out from the Second Life – your mobile device will still check the status of the Land Sensor periodically and notify you when new visitors come to your parcel
– You can add several Land Sensors to the App in case you have many parcels across the Grid

– Search visitors by their usernames
– Number of visits of every visitor (shown at the end of visitor name)

Top Tab Bar Buttons:

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-24h: list of visitors in last 24 hours. New visitors after last refresh are shown in Blue
-All: list of all visitors (up to 500 can be stored by default, change Settings for more)
-Now:Check who is on your parcel right now

Bottom Tool Bar:
-Refresh icon: Check Online Status of the selected visitor
-X icon: Delete visitor’s Objects or Remove Avatar from parcel.
-Share Icon: Share Notecards/Objects (put them in Land Sensor’s inventory)
-Write icon: Send an IM message to the selected visitor

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-Info icon (when a Visitor Name is selected): Send a profile-open link to your SL chat
-Info icon (when a Sensor is selected): Locate prim-sensor Inworld

Bottom Tool Bar on left:
Organise icon: Switch between usernames or display-names of your visitors
Scroll to Top button / Status Message / Land Name
– Number of all visits

Profile page can now be resizable.

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