Land Sliders | Best Apps and Games 12 January,2019

Land Sliders

Hungry for delicious burgers?
Want to pick up cows with your UFO?
Does the Tooth Fairy really exist?

All dreams are fulfilled in Land Sliders, an addictive casual game where you grab what you’ve always wanted!

“I think Land Sliders is the new Crossy Road.” – @Jennorocks

clive palmer


iPhone 7 Plus

“I should get an iPhone. And it’s because of games like Land Sliders.” – Kotaku

iOS 8.1

“Amazing game. Can’t stop playing.” – Pickman
“Best free game ever, honestly” – sinagog
"I’m currently running around as a toilet, which feels right." – Chris Koeppel

Official iOS9 support
General improvements, fixes and polish

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