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Landscaper Pro – A Comprehensive Billing & Invoicing Tool for Lawncare, Tree Specialists and Landscaping Professionals

Specifically designed for landscaping and lawn care professionals, this electronic work order form keeps all pertinent job information on your iPhone or iPad. This comprehensive business app provides complete client and financial support for your business, all in one app. All information is maintained on your device and there is no need for connectivity or outside servers as is common with many of the more sophisticated business apps. Here are the highlights:

Labor and Parts are maintained in the app with detailed multi-line descriptions, costs, price and units of measure & more. These can be added on-the-fly or maintained from your stored items.

Invoices are automatically created from your Estimates and support multiple payment methods. Maintain PAID and OPEN status of your invoices. Multiple sales tax rate setup is included. Your logo, detailed terms and conditions and other messages can be automatically displayed.

Contact Management – Store notes and track other communications with your clients and have the in app ability to call, text, email or map without leaving your app.

Estimates – Create detailed and professional looking estimates at the client site that may be immediately emailed or printed. Track the status of each Estimate from Draft to Email to Approved.

Signature Capture of approved Estimates with an update of Status. Invoices and Estimates may be copied for editing and reuse with other clients.

Images from both the Camera and Album apps may be used for logo’s and attached to your estimates and invoices.

Financial Information – Is instantly available for any client, job or timeframe with just a few taps. Information may be viewed on screen or downloaded for further analysis with any spreadsheet.

Help and Support – Extensive help library available by topic as well as how to videos. Email, text and phone support are also available to help with any questions or issues.

International Currency and Dynamic Type (the ability of the app to change font sizes) and iCloud support are all included in the app.

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