Leaf for Twitter | Best Apps and Games 17 September,2018

Leaf for Twitter

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Leaf is a new Twitter client that connects you to the world with an all-new interface, fun gestures and attractive animations. Leaf considers every tweet with photo/video attached and personalizes it by smoothly merging the two together as one, taking up less screen space and in return, allowing you to read more tweets on the screen.

Leaf comes pre-loaded with Night Mode which will automatically adjust itself according to your surrounding ambience. That way, you can comfortably enjoy using Leaf all day and night. We focused on making Leaf as simple to use as possible with the features that matters most.

Key features:
• Add multiple Twitter accounts
• In-app notifications
• In-line media/gif
• Lists (create, edit, subscribe)


• No advertisements
• Push notifications
• Stream over Wi-Fi/cellular
• Tweet details
• Tweet marker
WYSIWYG interface

Along with the above key features, Leaf offers other features that you’d expect from editing profile, search for tweets and users, quick reply notifications to attaching multiple images to a tweet.

Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy a fun and new Twitter experience with Leaf. There’s already so much Leaf has to offer and fortunately the roadmap ahead is still extremely long. This is only the beginning.

Thank you everyone for sticking with us! We know it’s been a while but trust us, it’s totally worth it — this update is huge!

• Adds full 3D Touch support
• Adds adjustable font sizes
• Adds new data and streaming indicators
• Adds live blur updates in the tweet composer
• Adds more aggressive refreshing of data
• Adds more aggressive saving of Tweet Marker timeline positions

ban vs sl


• Adds translation option in tweet to the native system language (access the translate action via any tweet’s detailed view)
• Adds "Disable SSL" switch for users located in China who are unable to reach our push services. *Only use this setting if you are located in China*
• Fixes server badges not resetting correctly
• Fixes streaming disconnections in some instances
• Fixes Image Viewer dismissal animation when UI is hidden
• Fixes crash when the user doesn’t have the default mail app installed anymore but tries to use the contact option in settings
• Fixes unavailable landscape support in in-app web view and some videos


• Fixes timeline position not being kept properly between app launches
• Improves Copy to Clipboard data
• Fixes inability to save after an error editing a list
• Fixes incorrect rotation settings while viewing settings
• Fixes some database integrity issues
• Fixes 3D Touch shortcuts from not activating in some cases
• Updates UI and Iconography

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