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LEDit — The LED banner app

LEDit converts your iPhone or iPod Touch into a dot-matrix L.E.D. display. LEDit is great to say something to your friends when they can’t hear you, such as at the disco, in class, in business meetings, etc. All you have to do is type your message and hit the ‘Display Message’ button and LEDit will scroll your message on the screen.

What makes it even better is that if offers the possibility of vibrating when the message has finished scrolling, so you know when it’s done (vibration is replaced by a beep on the iPod Touch).


washington post

– Original, clean and dynamic interface. (New)
– Color selection.
– Speed selection.
– Vibration. Know when your message has finished scrolling.
– Repeat. Leave your message scrolling, over and over again.
– Font style selection. Plain, bold, italic. (New)
– L.E.D. shape and resolution selection. (New)

iPhone 6s

– No message length limits.
– Easily save and load messages.

– Flirting. Use it to talk to that cute girl at the disco.
– Speak to your pals 10ft away in your classroom without the teacher noticing.
– Chat with your co-workers while in a business meeting.


– You just got your mouth full and can’t talk

Small bug fixes

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