LetterSchool – learn to write letters and numbers | Best Apps and Games 20 February,2019

LetterSchool – learn to write letters and numbers

An Award winning app recommended by parents and teachers.

Play to learn how to write all letters of the alphabet: abc – xyz and the numbers 1-10 with LetterSchool. Kids practice essential skills as they play four exciting games per letter or number.

*** Winner Tabby Awards Users’ Choice 2014 – Tabby Awards
*** Teachers With Apps Certified – TeachersWithApps
*** The app has been recognized worldwide by experts as a tool for learning to read and write and it truly shows! – iHeartThisApp


*** Learning a letter on this app is like being on a great party, with disco lights, stars and fireworks. Every letter is a surprise! – Apps4Kids


iPad Pro

Kids learn to write letters and numbers as they play four exciting games per letter or number:

Intro – discover the shape, name and sound of all the 26 abc letters and numbers
Tap – learn where to start to write the letters and numbers and finish by tapping the dots
Trace – learn the letter trajectory by tracing it
Write – test your knowledge by writing the abc and numbers from memory

Special features
– Uppercase and lowercase letters
– Choice out of three most popular typefaces in handwriting education

iPhone 6

– Progress and settings stored for up to three players

For more reviews and features visit our website letterschool.com

If you have any question please contact us at [email protected], facebook.com/letterschoolenglish or https://twitter.com/letterschool.

We made the app future-proof:
– A fresh new icon
– App is iOS 8 ready now


– iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus are supported now

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