LifeVantage | Best Apps and Games 12 October,2018


If you’re one of the ever increasing hordes of people who run their life on the go- exclusively from a smartphone at the push of a button – this LifeVantage app is for you!

gino d'acampo

Introducing the official LifeVantage shopping, enrollment, and dashboard smartphone app.

iPhone 6 Plus

This app is the only LifeVantage app in the app store that enables users to untether themselves from a laptop or home computer and securely log into the LifeVantage system. Imagine having the ability to be in a meeting and enroll someone new right then and there! You can also place an order from anywhere or check out your monthly volumes on the dashboard view. It is about convenience and the best use of time. Of course, you could still visit the online version to login, shop and enroll, but the LifeVantage shopping and enrollment app is deisgned to give your quick access from anywhere!
Use this smartphone app to:


1. Create spot orders
2. Enroll a new distributor or preferred customer
3. View your monthly qualification levels

iPhone 7 Plus

You’ll love having the essential back office functions right there in your pocket, and where ever life takes you!

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