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Lightwright Touch

Lightwright Touch provides mobile viewing and editing of Lightwright® 5 lighting equipment data. If you use Lightwright, or schedules and hookups printed from Lightwright, this is the portable, navigable, editable worksheet tool you have been waiting for.

+Export your show from Lightwright 5 and sync to Lightwright Touch through iTunes, or email, or file sharing

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+View and Sort your worksheet using familiar Lightwright functions

iPhone 7 Plus

+Columns can be added, removed, and rearranged to best suit your mobile needs
+New "Log" feature speeds selection of prior view/sort displays

iPad Air 4

+Edit worksheet data quickly with item pick-lists
+Add a note to any worksheet row, or to a general notes page
+Store multiple shows on Lightwright Touch
+Transfer shows back to Lightwright for reconciliation with the original show file


+View and email notes or your changes
+Supports any device orientation, and multiple font sizes

Please note that Lightwright Touch does not do everything that Lightwright does. (The fact that it costs 1/10 as much might have been your first hint.) Future updates will add support for focus charts and worknotes, but it does not do them in this version. Also you cannot start a new show on Lightwright Touch. It’s great for viewing existing shows and doing minor editing on the fly, but heavy-duty worksheet management is better left to Lightwright 5 at this time. Lightwright Touch is an accessory to Lightwright 5, not a replacement for it.

Works with files exported from Lightwright 5.0.22 or later.

Visit to learn more, and to read the online version of the built-in User Guide for a detailed description of all features.

Support for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 4" screen.
Support for iOS 4.2 to 6.
Bug fixes.

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