Likable – make friends . be popular (formerly Lik) | Best Apps and Games 18 February,2020

Likable – make friends . be popular (formerly Lik)

Likable (formerly known as Lik) is a place to make friends and become popular! Post and share whatever you are feeling to the rest of the Likable community. We’ll all be there for each other no matter what!

Use Likable:
* to post photos you take with your camera or from your photo album
* Connect and share with nice people from all over the world
* Every Post you make becomes a chat room to chat with new friends and old friends
* Follow each other and help each other become popular!


* Watch your posts climb the weekly/monthly/All-Time popular sections
* Vote for your favorite posts with your liks
* The best and most creative posts will be PINNED by R2 so you can get more liks!
* Heart System to get different emoji’s a the end of your username as you get more followers
* get coins when you post!
* You can PIN your own posts or your friends posts using gems!
* Buy GEMS so you can pin yours or your friends posts to help become popular

Merry Xmas everyone!


– Bad Word Blocking feature
– Next/Prev fix on Profile pages


– Null User error fixed after profile upload
– other bug fixes

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