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Like Meter – Insta Tracker for Likes for Instagram

Like Meter – Insta Tracker for Likes for Instagram is the best analytics for Instagram likes. It analyze your Instagram posts and calculate all the likes to find out who likes you the most! See your real followers and fans! Calculate the best nine posts for the specified period of time and share your results with your friends!

How to use:

Click the calculate specify the time period to analyze, you can choose six time periods.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Like Meter will check all the posts, and calculate how many instagram likes got.
Like Meter will check all your followers, find out which follower give you most likes for the media.
Find out who is your real followers, and which is the ghost follower.

iOS 9

Find out what kind of media is liked popular on Instegram. The analytics can help your improve your post to be on top

Why to use:

dr victoria bateman

Easy and fast to use. Promote your Insatgram account.

iPhone 7s

Good analysis for your account, and help you get more likes and followers and unfollower the ghost followers. It’s followers managerment for Insta gram
Follower the one who followers you, a tool for followers for followers
Post more medias which have potentials to get more likes.
Great likes managerment for IG.

This app is not affiliated with Instagram and we respect the rights of Instagram.

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