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Linky — Post links to Twitter, Facebook and

Linky lets you easily post webpage links to Facebook, Twitter and from your iPhone and iPad.

Write your post, choose which preferred social networks and Linky will do the rest! You can connect Linky to Twitter, Facebook (Profiles and Pages) and

Linky can insert both the url and the title of the webpage as required. It can also shorten links, giving you access to further link analytics.

Linky’s Web Clipper extracts selected text from a web page and carries it over to the composer sheet, ready for you to edit.

With just one tap of the Action button in Safari, you can share the current page using the embedded composer sheet without ever leaving Safari. You can also share URLs directly from other third-party apps via iOS 8’s new Share Extensions.


• Supports Twitter, Facebook Profiles & Pages, and
• Post your messages simultaneously on up to two accounts.

iPhone 7 Plus

• Links, hashtags and mentions are color-highlighted when composing.
• Usernames are auto-completed when typing the @ symbol.
• Links can be shortened when the message is sent using, CloudApp, Droplr, and (all link-shorteners require a user account).
• Linky’s very on iOS 8 Share Extension. Integrated directly into Safari and many other third-party apps, allowing you to directly share web page links.
• Clipboard URL: If a URL is copied to the clipboard from another application, Linky will ask whether you want to use it.
• For apps that don’t support iOS 8’s Share Extension, you can post by launching Linky via a bookmarklet (there’s even an in-app setup wizard for Chrome app).
URL Scheme to launch Linky from other apps using the x-callback-url specification (in-app documentation and examples).
• Supports Twitter and Facebook single sign-on integrated in iOS.
• Universal App (iPhone + iPad).
• Designed for iOS 8 and the Retina HD Display.

iPad Air 4

• Supports both portrait and landscape orientations on the iPhone and the iPad.

– fixed a bug causing the extension to fail in some applications (for example: Podcasts app, Amazon app).


iPhone 6

– fixed issues that could occur when sharing RSS feed urls.

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