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Local Phone

Local Phone lets your speak with your friend via wifi (connected to the same network) or via bluetooth. No internet access is needed!! No extra charge!! Probably the best app for in-house communication.



iPad Pro

1. Chat with friends via wifi/bluetooth

yanny laurel

2. Send mail to friend via wifi/bluetooth

iPad Air 3

3. No internet access is needed
4. No extra charge
5. Easy to use

How to use:
1. Switch on the bluetooth or wifi before launch Local Phone
2. In the main screen, you will see other people using Local Phone
3. Simply choose the one you want to call, press call button (bottom left), or press mail button (bottom right) to mail him/her
4. Once your call has been accepted, you are free to talk
5. You can check you mail by pressing the mail box button (top right)
6. For iPod touch user, please plug in a headset microphone

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