LOCK for Instagram | Best Apps and Games 14 October,2018

LOCK for Instagram

≈≈≈ Easiest & Simplest client for Instagram ≈≈≈

LOCK your Instagram NOW !!!

Now – you can password lock your Instagram and secure all your pics and status.

Only App on AppStore —-

Now you can use your favourite app on big screen of your Mac – SECURELY!

≈ Just launch the app and start posting!

√ Access Instagram as standalone app and keep up to date with the people you follow and like or comment on photos.
√ It even auto updates your feed while you are away.

kanye west

√ Upload pics directly from your Mac
√ Responsive design – according to app window size
√ User-friendly interface

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

√ Native emojis and smileys

Mac Pro

√ Secure your pics, comments and likes from peppers.

“““` Disclaimer ““““

Mountain Lion

Lock for Instagram is a 3rd Party App and is not affiliated with Instagram.

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