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Lock Info – lock screen reminders, calendar and weather

The app that keeps your reminders, calendar events and weather on the lock screen, fully automatically.

• Just start it once
• Check your settings
• Leave it to run in background

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• Continue to use your phone as usually
• Every time the phone is locked the lock screen is updated
• The lock screen info is updated automatically
• Just light ON your phone to see your lock screen info

• Use reminders for shopping list and manage it by the Lock Info. If the shopping list is shared with others, they can add items to it even when you are at the store.
• Open your device with the Lock Info notifications to see your full agenda and help the app to save power in the Semi-Automatic mode.


Lock Info has tree different lock screen refreshing modes: the Automatic, the Semi-automatic and the Stopped mode.

The Automatic mode continuously monitors information changes and updates the lock screen accordingly. The Real-time mode increases device’s power consumption but keeps the lock screen information up to date.

The Semi-automatic mode uses heuristic and special power-saving algorithms for timing and optimizing the lock screen updates. The Smart mode doesn’t increase a device’s power consumption, but information updates on the lock screen aren deterministic. The use of the Semi-automatic mode is recommended, and it’s Lock Info’s default setting. It is recommend to open app time to time to help it update its running parameters.

PLEASE NOTE! After the first time installation and running in Semi-automatic mode, it will take usually 24-78 hours before power-saving algorithms have gathered needed amount of data to work properly. In the mean while Lock Info occasionally can miss the lock screen updates. When the lock screen is left empty, please just start it again. To speed up the learning process of power-saving algorithms, it’s a good idea time to time open Lock Info directly from the lock screen.

The Stopped mode is manual only mode. The Lock Info must be at the foreground app when device is locked to allow it to fill the lock screen. In this mode lock screen is not updated automatically and Lock Info won’t run on the background. Usage of the Location Services is also stopped.

Lock Info runs on the background and automatically adds calendar and weather information on the lock screen every time the device is locked. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Lock Info uses special algorithms to prevent battery draining. Best results are achieved by using the Smart lock screen update mode.


Lock Info will also ask permissions to access your calendars. Full privacy is held in all circumstances. Calendars are only monitored to show selected events. When calendar events are viewed and edited the familiar iPhone’s Calendar user interface is used.

Lock Info has very easy adjustments. Just select weather services and calendars you want to follow. Then adjust the time window and amount of shown notifications on your lock screen. You can now leave the app, and it will continue to update your lock screen every time the device is locked.

You are encouraged to use dedicated calendar apps to organize your calendar events. Lock Info gets the updates from them automatically. Calendar synced with iCloud can be edited even on separated machines like iPads and Macs and still getting automatically synced with Lock Info and the lock screen.


We hope Lock Info will help you to keep important information on hand, and we are eager to hear all of your feedback on our pages: facebook.com/LockInfo

– Fully updated for iOS 8+
– Uses new iOS 8 location APIs for power saving

iPad Pro

– Now supports repeating calendar events

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Improved power savings (Semi-Automatic mode)

iOS 8.1

– Calendar support now looks ahead 14 and 28 days as well

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