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Lockdown – A better two-factor authentication experience

Lockdown is a two-factor authentication app that works with any online service that is compatible with Google Authenticator or 1Password 2FA.

Lockdown has several added benefits over other two-factor authentication app offerings on iOS, including:

– Ability to sync your account information via iCloud to multiple devices (and soon to Lockdown for Mac)

iPhone 7s

– Ability to restore your accounts when upgrading to a new device, or when restoring iOS to an existing device
– Automatic setup with a 2D barcode provided by an online service
– Ability to sort and find accounts based on favorites


iPhone 6s

– Backup 2FA accounts by AirPrinting or Emailing a PDF containing barcodes of your accounts. Easily re-scan accounts into the app, or transfer your accounts to other 2FA apps.

Examples of sites that Lockdown will work with, includes: Google, Google Apps, Dropbox, GitHub, and many more.

To use Lockdown, you need to enable 2-Step verification on your online accounts, and add them to Lockdown.

For support, and further help with Lockdown, please visit http://help.cocoaapp.com

– Adds Apple Watch app
– Adds new, completely re-written syncing system for better account management

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– Adds ability to set account name and service name
– Adds archiving functionality for unwanted accounts

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