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This app is used by professional locksmiths to aid in gathering the necessary information to generate replacement keys for motorcycles. It was designed to be used as a quick reference to verify the locksmith has the necessary key blanks, etc. while still on the phone with the potential customer as well as a on-site resource to assist the locksmith with pertinent information needed during the actual key making process.

The App is designed to be searched by make and then model or year whichever is preferred. This makes it very quick to get to the information page needed for a specific motorcycle.

With the app the following information will be accessible for motorcycles from 1990-current.

-Key Blank (Ilco, JMA, Silca, OEM)
-Code Series


-Transponder Yes or No
-Correct AccuReader

iPhone 7s

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

-Wafer Positions in different locks
-Key Cutting Info (HPC, ITL, DSD, Pak-A-Punch)
-Spacing & Depths

The database currently includes Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki and is constantly being added to and updated. This app does require a annual subscription of $59.95.

1. Bug Fixes
2. Integrate In-app purchase for Use Application features.

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