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Lotto Wheels

Lotto Wheels for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad is a lottery wheeling method of arranging lottery ticket numbers in a way that will improve chances to win multiple-tier lottery prizes. Wheeling was designed for players who wish to play with a bigger amount of numbers than the set required for a lottery ticket.

The objective of a wheeling system is to upgrade player’s chances to win lottery prizes.

Lotto Wheels is:
– A lottery system that improves (a little) your chances to win
– A way to play a large amount of numbers at a reasonable cost
-A fun way to play any lottery in the world

Lotto Wheels is not:
– A guaranty to win a lottery
– A magical software that will make you a wealthy person


– Universal application for iPhone and iPad
– Play any lottery in the world

iPad Air 3

iOS 8

– Easy way to create any lottery
– Play any pick-4, pick-5 and pick-6 lotto games

iPhone 6s Plus

– More than 200 wheels in the database
– Create from 3 combinations to more than 700 combinations wheels
– Save your favorite numbers
– Email your wheel combinations

tulip siddiq

– English and Spanish Languages

Players please remember: it is hard to earn money and it is easy to spend it, use Lotto Wheels as a funny way to play lottery.

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A Full Wheel includes all combinations that can be generated from a set of numbers a player picks. It is designed for the players who wish to obtain maximum coverage of numbers. If all of lottery winning numbers are in the group a player selects, he will win the lottery jackpot as well as additional prizes. If he only has some of the winning numbers in his set, he will be guaranteed to have multiple prizes.

Lotto Wheels is an Abbreviated Wheel System

An Abbreviated Wheel is an economical alternative for a Full wheel. Although it won’t include all possible combinations of the chosen numbers, it will guarantee at least one winning ticket if a certain amount of numbers drawn fall within the wheeled number set.

* Pick-4 wheels bug was corrected.

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