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Lowdown – Business Meetings, Daily Meeting Planner, Calendar & Agenda Organiser

Lowdown helps professionals feel confident before meetings, be superb during and look awesome afterwards.

Created for those interested in people and companies before meeting them and is the FASTEST way to get meeting information.

No need to search websites and apps, it’s already been done for you.

– Arrive on time
– Know what attendees look like and view business profiles
– Insights into the company they work for


** A LinkedIn account is currently required to benefit from Lowdown **
** A Location and Invitees in each calendar entry are needed for Lowdown to present rich meeting information **

We LOVE Privacy – your data remains secure on your device


Create and Edit your calendar invitations

– Mapping info
– People’s profiles


– Company info

iPad Air 3

iOS 9

– News
+ optional email if you have a Google email account.

HERE – Tap HERE to notify the attendees you have arrived at the meeting.

The blurb:-

With the help of a purpose built narrow artificial intelligence system, complex algorithms, and API mashups, Lowdown turns a simple calendar invitation into rich meeting information.

Lowdown is a digital meetings assistant for professionals who host and/or attend business meetings.

Helping people be on time, know who they’re meeting, where they’re meeting, when they should leave and how to get there, as well as delivering useful company information and relevant google emails.

New people search engine.

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