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Machine X for IRC

*** Machine X is now a universal app that runs on both iPhone and iPad. Version 2 is a free upgrade for all existing users.***

Machine X is a stylish, modern IRC client for iPad, with a highly responsive interface and a multi-threaded engine that ensures everything runs smoothly.

Notable features include: multiple servers, auto nick completion, colored nicknames, user ignore, filters, notifications, command shortcuts, sliding panels, SSL, /LIST results that are searchable, sortable, and cached, and many more features listed below.

More features are currently being added. If there’s a feature you’d like to see included, please let me know via the website and I’ll consider adding it.



◆ Universal, for both iPhone and iPad
◆ Fast, performant.


◆ Lag Free Interface.
◆ Multiple servers
◆ A multi-threaded internal engine.
◆ iPhone 6 Plus native interface.
◆ Sliding panels for Channels and Users, both swipeable and dockable. (Channels panel dockable on iPad, Users dockable on all devices).
◆ Interface remembers state of panels.
◆ Channel List that remembers your channels even when parted.
◆ Expand/collapse channel list for each server.
◆ Message count indicator for each channel.
◆ Auto-sorted channels (joined channels first, unjoined channels last).
◆ Tap nicknames in the User Panel and in the message stream for a list of options, such as WHOIS, Private Message.
◆ Auto-join channels.
◆ Auto-join servers.
◆ Fully searchable user list.
◆ Several user list sort options. One particular sort option keeps recently joined users at the top of the list in the order they joined.
◆ Ignore Users.
◆ Nick Completion.
◆ Filters to ignore joins, parts, nicks and modes.
◆ Notifications for mentions, private messages, user availability.
◆ /LIST results are sortable by user count or alphabetically, ascending or descending.
◆ /LIST results are fully searchable, by channel name, topic, or both.
◆ /LIST results are cached (with a refresh button to update when needed), and thereafter load instantly.
◆ The full Topic is available for each /LIST channel result.
◆ Pin to bottom. (The message list auto-scrolls, unless user moves away).
◆ Command shortcuts (/j –> /join, /p –> /part, etc)
◆ Colored nicknames (optional)
◆ Time column in message list (optional)
◆ Mention highlighting (optional)
◆ Error highlighting (optional)
◆ Errors are sent to the message stream currently being viewed (optional)
WHOIS results sent to popup, current message stream, or both (user selectable).
◆ Works well with ZNC.
◆ Preset networks

iPhone 6s Plus

◆ Horizontal and Vertical Orientation.
◆ Input field automatically grows vertically to accomodate text, instead of awkward sideaways scrolling.

Machine X is now at 2.0 and is a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.


◆ Machine X is now a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.
◆ Primary and fallback character encodings can now be set for each server, from a choice of roughly 80 different encodings (number may vary differ for different devices).
◆ Added support for server passwords (different from user passwords).
◆ /LIST results have been completely overhauled.
◆ /LIST results can now be sorted by user count or alphabetically, ascending or descending.
◆ /LIST results are now searchable, by channel name, topic, or both, with results appearing near instantly as you type.
◆ /LIST results are now cached. The initial load time is dependent on the server, but the cached results load instantly, even for large networks.
◆ The full topic is available for each channel in /LIST results.
◆ The Channel Panel now auto-closes when a channel is selected.
◆ Tapping on a user’s name in the message list brings up a menu of options.
◆ When the app is running in the background, the user will be given ten seconds warning when the O.S. is about to freeze the app.


◆ Increased the minimum OS Version to 8.1. Lower versions have a flaw in the way SSL certificates are validated.
◆ Better handling of invalid server certificates when using SSL. The user now has the option to ignore an invalid certificate once, or always. Note: ignoring invalid certificates is a very bad idea. This is intended only for users who run their own IRC bouncer that uses a self-signed certificate.
WHOIS handling has been overhauled. As well as providing better info, WHOIS data can now appear in the message stream or a popup (user selectable). When using a popup on smaller screens, WHOIS info is now scrollable.
◆ Performance improvements in creating the initial connection
◆ Changed password fields so that the password is obscured.
◆ When a side panel is opened by swiping from the edge of the screen, the screen around the panel is slightly darkened.
◆ In the info bar (just above the user input bar), removed the timer that would previously clear messages after 5 seconds.
◆ Brightened user-entered text in settings panels.
◆ In server setting, on entering a port number, the keyboard type is now numeric.
◆ The messages list now automatically scrolls to the end when the device is rotated, the keyboard is shown or hidden, or a side panel is shown or hidden.
◆ When the user manually joins a channel using /join, the joined channel is automatically switched to.


◆ The message stream sometimes wouldn’t scroll quite far enough when a new message was added to the stream.
◆ The Part message (the user supplied message displayed when a user parts from a channel), as specified in the server settings, was not shown.

モンスト セーラームーン

◆ An issue where the main screen was not being correctly resized when the iPad keyboard was undocked and/or split.
◆ A user could previously only be authenticated by using username:password in the password field, (which is the default for IRC). You may continue to do that, or simply enter your username in the username field, and password in the password field.
◆ Tidied up alignment of controls in settings panels.
◆ In the info bar (just above the user input bar) the private message notifications would sometimes appear in white, instead of red.
◆ A crash in WhoIs processing.
◆ Encoded html characters would sometimes appear in their encoded form, instead of the actual character. eg. > instead of >
◆ Fixed an issue where the system settting ‘Show Errors in Popop’ wasn’t being remembered.

Many, many more enhancements and fixes.

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