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Magic Number – A Better Calculator

Finally, an intelligent calculator you will enjoy.

•  A better view of your calculation.


•  More intuitive to enter and edit.
•  Easier for everyday use.
•  More capable for advanced problems.

Seeing is everything:

•  Your calculation is beautifully and mathematically formatted.
    Everything is easier to understand.
•  You see the whole expression. You are less likely to make mistakes.
•  To see it bigger, just resize the window.
•  You also have extensive viewing options.

Enter naturally and quickly:

•  Enter the way you see it.
    For example: 2 sin 9 + 3
    On a typical calculator, you enter: 2 x 9 sin + 3
    On others, you enter: 2 * sin(9) + 3
    On Magic Number: 2 sin 9 + 3
•  Lots of easy and convenient shortcuts.
•  Yes, you can press X to multiply.

Edit without thinking:

•  It’s faster and easier than any editor!
•  Made a mistake? Just click and type over it.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

•  You can navigate with just the left or right arrow keys.
•  To insert, press alt-left or alt-right.

Calculate intelligently:

•  You can work with any type of numbers:
    fractions, percentages, and even complex numbers.
•  You can do time calculations, e.g.
    8:30 + 0:45 = 9:15
•  Magic Number can solve linear algebraic equations.
    Enter: 100 – ? = 55. Result: ? = 45
    Enter: 240 – ? % = 192. Result: ? = 20
•  With ‘History’, you can reuse previous calculations.
•  Use ‘Data’ to add a list of numbers quickly.

Lots of useful features:

•  Over 100 functions
•  25 digits accuracy
•  10 memories (variables)
•  4 customizable tax rates
•  Over 50 scientific constants
•  Statistics (via ‘Data’)


•  Linear regression (via ‘2D-data’)
•  Matrix (Inverse, determinant, linear equations via Gauss-Jordan Elimination)


Magic Number is a rich app. It’s hard to cover everything here. For a more comprehensive overview, go to our website:

If you have question, suggestion, or problem, feel free to email us at:
[email protected]

We’d love to hear from you.

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•  B is for Business
•  E is for Engineering
•  S is for Solver
•  T is for Time

–  Best tax features for business
–  Engineering notation, SI Prefix, and more
–  Solve more equations and problems
–  Time calculations: You can do it in seconds.

And of course, refined with love for OS X Yosemite.

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