Mahjong Ultimate HD | Best Apps and Games 13 January,2019

Mahjong Ultimate HD

Mahjong Ultimate HD Lemon Juice is as juicy and sweet as an apple. The best of all Mahjong Solitaire games you’ll find for your iPad.

This is the puzzle lover’s paradise! If you have only a few minutes or plenty of time this is your perfect companion.

The goal is to match the tiles and clear the board.

Mahjong develops your working memory, concentration, calms you down, enhances your spacial reasoning and visual memory and fuels your thinking agility.

This is the solitaire version of the game.


– 100% Free
– Super High Quality
– Incredible 3D simulation
– Fabulous tile sets
– Movable pieces are highlighted
– Hints


– Unlimited undo
– Unique relaxing music

iPhone 7

– More than 500 stacks

iPad Pro

– Big easy to see tiles


– Soothing and/or challenging, you choose!

– Dozens of free new board layouts!

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