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Mail Pilot 2: Email Inbox Simplified

**LIMITED TIME LAUNCH SALE on both Mac AND iPhone + iPad** Don’t let another email slip through the cracks.
Mail Pilot simplifies email with a task-oriented approach so you can get your email done and get on with your day.


“Mail Pilot on iOS is one of the most intuitive and powerful ways to manage your email” – Cult of Mac.

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”A clean, impressive, often beautiful way to manage unruly email” – Macworld “For the first time in recent memory, I had an empty inbox.
A couple days later, I was caught off-guard when the reminders kicked in and let me know I actually had stuff to do.
And, I did them.” – TUAW Mail Pilot has been featured by Apple as a Best New App and a featured Productivity App and covered in TechCrunch, The New York Times, Wired Insider, Ars Technica, Lifehacker, and more… Check out Mail Pilot for Mac, which became the #1 paid app in the entire Mac App Store in 58 countries in 2014, and create a seamless, cross-platform email experience.
———— SIMPLIFY EMAIL Finally, you can interact with email the way you already think about it.
Mail Pilot simplifies email with a task-oriented approach.
From deleting an advertisement to remembering to pay your cell phone bill, all messages are action-based.
COMPLETE YOUR MESSAGES When you’re done with a message, simply change its status from Incomplete to Complete, just like a to-do list.
Gone are the days of tricking your email client by toggling “mark as unread”.
GET REMINDERS WHEN IT MATTERS Set a reminder for a message and Mail Pilot will prompt you when it’s time to deal with it.
Free your inbox of messages you can’t yet tackle and never miss a meeting, bill, delivery or due date again.
SWIPE, SCRUB, AND FLICK YOUR EMAIL AWAY Set reminders with 1 gesture, swipe messages to complete them, and flick off the rest.
FULLY INTEGRATED WITH iOS 8 Access files from many services (i.e.
Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc) from within Mail Pilot via iCloud Drive.
Mail Pilot’s Today Widget gives you a glance at your important emails for the day from your device’s Today Center.
ORGANIZE YOUR WAY Mail Pilot complements any workflow and empowers you to become better organized.
• Organize based on message status – as Incomplete, Complete, or set for Reminder.
• Collect groups of related messages – across all of your accounts using Lists.
• Folders and labels – can be accessed and utilized anytime.
• Easily achieve Inbox Zero — Set Aside messages that can’t be organized immediately and drill through them when you have more time.
SIMPLY COMPATIBLE WITH IMAP EMAIL ACCOUNTS* Add your Google, iCloud, Yahoo!,, AOL, and other standard IMAP accounts.
Mail Pilot remains securely synchronized with your email servers and other clients.
Mail Pilot is not compatible with POP accounts because they do not allow two-way synchronization.
Mail Pilot is not compatible with Exchange accounts if they do not have IMAP enabled.
SECURE & PRIVATE Mail Pilot never stores, processes, or transmits your personal data through any third-party servers.
All of your account information, passwords, personal data, and messages are securely stored on your device.
All communication occurs directly between your device and your email server.

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———— GET IN TOUCH Mail Pilot was initially funded on Kickstarter in 2012 and is crafted by Mindsense LLC — a bootstrapped, self-directed, and customer-focused company based in Blacksburg, Virginia and named “one of the hottest startups in the country” by Virginia Business magazine.
We’d love to hear from you.
• Mail Pilot Support: Founders Email (Alex & Josh): [email protected] * Mail Pilot is not compatible with POP accounts or Exchange accounts that don’t have IMAP enabled.
For security reasons, Mail Pilot does not allow SMTP accounts that do not support authentication.

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Mail Pilot requires that servers support some common IMAP extensions.
If you are concerned about compatibility with your own server, contact us.

Mail Pilot 2 is an all-new, redesigned and reengineered application.
Enjoy iOS 8 integrations like extensions that show your reminders in the iOS 8 notification center or an attachment picker that allows you to quickly grab files from iCloud Drive, Box, Panic’s Transmit, Dropbox, and more.
But the bigger changes come from a reimagined navigation structure that takes only one swipe to get back to the inbox, no matter where you are.
It also has thoughtful new interactions that allow for single-gesture organization in the message list.

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