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MARVEL Contest of Champions

“Graphically, Marvel fans will be thrilled, as heroes and villains alike look like they jumped right out of the comic books, with animations and mannerisms appropriate to their personal styles.” – App Trigger “Visually, the game is quite stunning.
The colors pop, the movement is fairly well done and Contest of Champions appears to be not 'a phone game' but a 'game game’.” – “Most impressive are the unique special moves for each character — all of them are visually unique and incredibly devastating.” – Comic Book Resources Iron Man vs.


Captain America! Hulk vs.
Wolverine! Drax vs.
Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands! The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epic proportions against a line-up of vile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more! Experience the ultimate free-to-play fighting game on your mobile device…Contest of Champions! BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM OF CHAMPIONS: Assemble a mighty team of heroes and villains (such as Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Thanos, and Winter Soldier) as you embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos and face the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor, ultimately to prevent the total destruction of The Marvel Universe.
COLLECT THE MIGHTIEST HEROES (AND VILLAINS!): Collect, level up, and manage your teams of heroes and villains wisely to receive synergy bonuses based upon team affiliation and relationships taken from the pages of Marvel Comics (such as pairing up Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverine for bonuses, or making a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for a team affiliation bonus).
The more powerful the hero/villain, the better their stats, abilities and special moves will be.
QUEST AND BATTLE: Journey through an exciting storyline in classic Marvel fashion as you explore dynamic quest maps and engage in a healthy dose of action-packed fighting utilizing controls developed specifically for the mobile platform.
Fight it out with a huge array of heroes and villains in iconic locations spanning the Marvel Universe such as: Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard, the S.H.I.E.L.D.


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Utility ********************************

New Abilities:

• Duplicate 2-Star, 3-Star, and 4-Star Champions now awaken a brand new ability unique to that Champion in addition to the rare class ISO-8 they currently give.

• Duplicates will continue to level-up the new abilities to make the Champion stronger.

• When a Champion is awakened, their stars will turn bright and glow, making them easy to identify.

• These new abilities can be quite powerful, so please fight responsibly!

New Quest Content:

• More adaptoid variations have been added! There is now a chance to encounter the elusive Treasure Adaptoid, who gives part of his hoard of ISO-8 and Gold to those able to defeat him in battle.

• Class Relationships can be viewed by tapping “Enemy Classes” before entering a quest, and preview the number of enemies in that quest for each class type.

• You can also now see rewards for completion and exploration on the Edit Team screen.

New Status Effects and Changes:

• New Resistances and Immunities: Some heroes are completely immune to specific status effects based on either lore from the comics or logic.
For example, the android Vision has no blood, and is therefore fully immune to Bleed effects.
We’ve also strengthened the effectiveness of certain status effects, so be careful who you choose to bring into battle!

• New Status Effects: Poison (inflicts damage over time and reduces healing and regeneration effectiveness), Unstoppable (shrugs off the impact from attacks, but you will still take the damage), Weakness (reduces attack attributes) and Heal Block (prevents the target from gaining health).

• Stacking Status Effects: Status effects are now able to stack.
This also changes how certain beneficial “buffs” and detrimental “debuffs” interact with one another.
For example, it’s now possible to have both Armor Up and Armor Break effects on you simultaneously.

Class Relationship Updates: After careful evaluation, The Collector has updated the class relationship rules of the contest! Learn more about Champions’ abilities by viewing their profiles and tapping on features for detailed information.
These are the class bonuses that have changed:

• Mutant Champions now have a class bonus against Skill Champions

• Skill Champions now have a class bonus against Science Champions

• Cosmic Champions now have a class bonus against Tech Champions.

PvP Improvements:

• Added new functionality to Leaderboards

• Adjusted matchmaking difficulty

• Added Chat support during PvP screens

• Various other improvements

Special Attacks:

chris hardwick

Many heroes have received updates to their special attacks:

• Black Bolt: Corkscrew now has +25% damage, but at the cost of minor recoil damage.

• Punisher: Wrath has been replaced by “”Payback””.
Payback deals additional damage based on the total damage dealt to Frank.

• Colossus: Unbreakable now deals bonus damage based on his armor level at the time of activation.

• Black Panther: All special attacks now deal bonus damage based on the number of Bleeds on the target.

• Spider-Man: Web-Slinger now has a chance to inflict Weakness.

• Thor, Ronan, and Storm: receive +10% damage for their first Special Attack, while opponents are now less effective at blocking these slower attacks.

• Vision: Physical Disruption now has a minor Power Burn effect due to his Infrared Beam.
He also purges all status effects while phasing through the ground.