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Masonic Explorer UK

Masonic Explorer UK is an App to aid Freemasons from the UK and around the world to

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iOS 8

locate and visit Masonic Craft Lodges of the United Grand Lodge of England & Wales, Grand
Lodge of Scotland and Grand Lodge of Ireland

Masonic Explorer UK is also a tool for anyone interested in becoming Freemasonry who
would like to know more about Masonary and locate a lodge nearby

Lodge Information
Information for Craft Lodges throughout the UK :- Lodge Names, Numbers, Addresses
Contact Information:- Websites, Email Addresses etc
Lodge Meeting dates, what months and days of the month the lodge meets

Lodge Search

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Search by Name, Number, Province, Location.

Near Me
Find specific lodges from your current location and within a 20 mile radius

Select Lodge address to show location on map, and get directions from your current
location to the selected lodge

Updated lodges data

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