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Master Electrical Suite

**Master Electrical Suite**

The best all in one electrical application on the app store! Master Electrical Suite combines all of our electrical calculation applications, with a few extras, into the best electrical calculation tool on the app store. With all of the calculations you could possibly need in the field, this application will increase your productivity and give you the confidence to make the right decisions in the field. Calculations include: voltage drop, conduit fill, conduit bending, box fill, junction box sizing, motor calculations, transformer calculations, residential service size, circuit number and colors and much much more!

*Easy to use customizable interface.
*Step By Step help section to guide you through the calculation.
*Perfect for a quick reference in the field.

*Box Fill.
*Conduit Fill.
*Conduit Bending: 90 degree, offsets, three point saddles, four point saddles, and radius bends.
*Circuit numbers and colors.

iOS 8

*Conversions: Weight, temperature, liquid, volume, and level.

iPhone 7 Plus

*Electrical code tables: Over 10 common searchable code tables.

sqdc site web

*Instrumentation: Range calculator and RTD conversions for 100 Ohm platinum.
*Junction box size.
*Lighting: Average footcandles, fixture spacing, horizontal footcandles, lumens to footcandles, lumens to lux, perpendicular footcandles, vertical footcandles.
*Motors: Horsepower, single and multiple motor conductors, motor overloads, OCPD, RPM, frequency, poles, and torque.
*Ohms Law
*Resistance: Parallel and series resistors, resistor bands, and resistor value.
*Service Load: Optional and standard residential service load.
*Transformers: Current, turns, kva, OCPD, and voltage.
*Voltage Drop: Minimum conductor size and maximum circuit distance.

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**Version 1.1.8 Changes**
*UPDATE: Calculation list now goes back to the same point.
*UPDATE: List items can now be selected by touching the icon.
*UPDATE: Help window will open the first time you go into a calculation.
*FIX: Neutral calculation on service load has been adjusted.
*FIX: Settings and contact window were disappearing during a suspended state, freezing the application. This has been resolved.
*UPDATE: "OK" button has been added to help windows.

iPhone 6s

*FIX: An issue with the calculation list window not saving the last selected value has been resolved.

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