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Matcha 3 – Notes, To-dos, and Word Processor

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…slick & EVERNOTE friendly! –Francesco D’Alessio
…word processor for almost any occasion with zen-writing experience! –appAdvice
…the last writing app you’ll ever need. –Andrea Dal Corso
…genuinely enjoyable writing experience! –AppGratis

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Matcha RE-INVENTS mobile word processor to fit everything you love in one place:

– Notes: Take notes quickly with automatic time stamp and location.
– To-dos: Show any document as to-do and track its progress.
– Documents: Create any kind of documents from a simple blog post, photo story to manuscript.

Matcha lets you choose how you want to STORE your documents: on iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, local device, or any combination of them.

Here is our unique ingredients:


We invent many cutting-edge interactions to make word processing on mobile phones and tablets a pleasure to use for any kinds of document: Contents cursor, Responsive contents, Pinch to zoom, Swipe to style, Drag & drop, Table editor, Text box grid, etc.

>> Watch the App Preview for demonstration.


A writing space that clear your mind from the clutters of user interface so you can concentrate on the writing.


Why Matcha is great for desktop/laptop replacement?

– Three-pane design with split/full screen mode on either 7.9, 9.7 or 12.9-inch iPad.
– Pinch to quickly show more or less on your screen.
– Show Matcha side by side with another app on iOS 9.
– Keyboard shortcuts for almost everything from navigating, editing to writing.
– Perform bulk action on your documents.


Customize your workspace and editor with colors and typography just to add fun or to stimulate your creativity.


Whether you want to sync your contents with iCloud, Dropbox or Evernote; or you want to keep privately on your iPhone/iPad, Matcha works great with any or all of them, securely*.


Matcha lets you share your document in the following ways:

– Create PDF
– Print
– Send document to other Matcha users
– Export to TXT, MD and HTML


– Email as formatted text or plain text
– Copy as plain text, markdown or HTML code
– Share document assets

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Connect with us:

– Visit Matcha forum at to suggest new ideas or discuss on existing ideas.
– Ask @MatchaApp on Twitter.


– Follow @MatchaApp on Twitter to get tips and videos on using Matcha.
– Write an email to [email protected]

Love Matcha? We love having you as Matcha user. If the feeling’s mutual, please rate us here and/or tweet about us by mentioning @MatchaApp.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,

– InterAre Team

*) Matcha syncs directly from your iPhone/iPad to Evernote/Dropbox server. There are no Matcha servers in the chain.

Hi there,

Thank you for all amazing feedback and reviews. You are making us build the best Matcha for you. This time, we redesign content toolbar and cursor, add new text styles menu, bring you the Zen writing mode and many more… with one goal: to make using Matcha effortless and fun!

We hope you all like it!

All the best,
– InterAre Team

#### Design Improvements

– New design of the header section on the editor.
– Improve workspace navigation on iPad with the new splitter control to transition between full screen and split screen mode.
– Full screen mode now will show document list on top of the editor.
– New Zen Writing Mode by dimming all texts, photos and header section except selected text block.
– Show all supported text styles when you tap on text button on the content toolbar.
– Add new color scheme and dark mode toggle buttons to minimized home bar.
– Improve content cursor (blinking arrow on left-edge of the editor) movement.
– When exiting writing mode, content cursor will now position itself at last text cursor position.
– Add text and content cursor animation when switching between writing and composing mode.
– Add new show/hide button to the header section to let you show/hide header details.
– Long tap on a text box now will show resize handle to let you change text box size.
– Improve blockquote design.
– Improve pre-formatted text block design.
– New caption text style.
– New icon design on contents toolbar.
– New tips on editor and writing mode.
– Dimm checked list item instead of strike-through.
– Improve localization for Simplified Chinese.

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– Change color of Done button on the editor to the same tint color used for cursor to make it more noticeable.
– Add thin background shade to folder list under account name.

#### New Sharing Feature

– New activity screen when you tap on share icon.
– New activity types: Create PDF, Print and many variants of email, export and copy activity.

#### Other Fixes and Improvements

– Tap on Done button when entering a new tag will save the new tag.
– Matcha now will remember last opened document when relaunched.
– Improve smoothness of pinch to scale text.

iOS 8

– Fix a crash issue caused by files added/removed outside Matcha while storage for affected files in home pane is not yet expanded
– Fix a bug that cause undo when selecting photo will leave invalid selection
– Fix cannot decrease text size to the smallest or largest size using keyboard shortcut.
– Fix a bug that cause All shortcut for any storage cannot load more content on scrolling down.
– Tap inside selected text box will show keyboard.

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