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MathPad allows you to create documents with mathematical expressions using a special keyboard. When creating a document in MathPad, it will automatically draw, re-size, and align the mathematical expressions, according to their content.

• Print or email the documents you create in PDF format
• Send and receive documents from other MathPad users

jeremiah 11:11

iPhone 6s

• MathPad keyboard with long tap on keys for additional similar operators
• Ability to change the colour of each selected expression
• Great for high school, college and university students
• Great for teachers and professors as well
• Connect to a wireless keyboard

MultiDocs module enables advanced features:
• Create and save multiple documents
• Share documents with other MathPad users
• Email document expressions as JPG files

iOS 8.1

• Copy of selected expression or of entire document to the iPad clipboard

Video Tutorials available at

MathPad is also available for Mac

Page layout for Print/Email PDF for Letter Size or A4 Size, Portrait or Landscape mode, with the options:
• Fit to Page


• Automatic Fit

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