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Leave the manual and stimulus easels on the shelf and grab your iPad®! We’ve taken the valid and reliable Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition (MAVA) and made a cutting-edge expressive and receptive vocabulary test that is always at your fingertips. The MAVA App evaluates a child’s knowledge of basic (tier one), high frequency (tier two), and curriculum based (tier three) words.



• Automatically calculate chronological ages and normative data (standard scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalents)
• Identify basals and ceilings
• Analyze and sort the child’s responses using the qualitative response analyzer (QRA)

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• Email or print summary reports
• Purchase and print record forms in-app

Qualitative Response Analyzer
The MAVA app includes a Qualitative Response Analyzer that sorts the words the child identifi es into three word tiers. Create intervention goals and learning strategies by pinpointing where the child needs help the most. Some children need help with basic words (apple, chair, car) while other children need help with high frequency, multiple meaning words (sleek, soar, pounce) and/or curriculum-based words (metamorphosis, eclipse, peninsula). Simply enter the test data into the analyzer; the program will tell you which word types to target and allows you to generate a report with all normative data, a bar graph, and qualitative information.

Valid And Reliable –

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The MAVA included standardization samples of over 1,300 children for the receptive test and over 1,200 for the expressive test. Test-retest, inter-rater reliability, and concurrent validity are all very high and over .90. In comparing the tests of the MAVA to the Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test and the Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test, we found that the tests examine similar skills. We compared children using the MAVA app and the MAVA, and their scores were significantly correlated (p<.01).

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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