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MaxSea TimeZero Marine Navigation

MaxSea TimeZero is a real-time marine chart app for real sailors. More than 95.000 TimeZero users worldwide can’t be wrong!

MaxSea TimeZero is the best marine navigation app for coastal sailing, featuring easy-to-use functionalities and the fastest and smoothest chart display ever, as well as 3D data and weather information for an unparalleled experience.

MaxSea TimeZero is powered by the amazing TimeZero technology, featuring a 2D/3D chart display, PhotoFusion and the most accurate marine charts thanks to MapMedia’s unique Raster mm3d format.

• Position on the raster chart
• Course (COG) & speed (SOG)
• Routes and marks
• Track recording
• Real-time local weather and weather trends
• Navigation in 2D or 3D Perspective
• Tides and Currents database

Plot your position in real-time on the marine charts thanks to the built-in geolocation features of your iPad such as GPS and/or WiFi.

Our powerful 3D chart engine allows you to scroll, zoom and rotate the outstanding MapMedia Raster charts in no time.

With the MaxSea TimeZero App, you can easily create waypoints and routes, overlay tidal information and satellite photos for a more complete display and configure your NavData panel to keep on screen the specific instrument readings that are most useful to you: COG, SOG, Pos, Accu., CTS, NEXT, TTG, DTW, XTE, VMC, ETA, TTA, DTA and Weather.

Go from one waypoint to another (Go to tool), choose the course (Course up or North up), go back to your vessel (Center On vessel) and switch from 2D to a 3D full view in just one click.

• 2D/3D chart engine


• PhotoFusion

iPhone 7s

• MapMedia Raster mm3d charts
• Create and keep up to 20 routes on screen


• Go to tool
• Undo/Redo tool

iPhone 6

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A real-time marine chart app for real sailors!

Various bug fixes.

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