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Measure Memo

"Measure Memo" app is able to record measurements on the photos.


Please make use for size confirmation by the building, reform, interior decoration business, an article introduction by the immovable industry, the size guidance of the product.

Corresponds to the dimension line with projection line from Ver.1.1.0, is available the notation an industrial dimension.

■Main functions

*Add dimension lines,dimension line with projection line,division dimension lines,angles and areas.
*Change line type,thickness,color.(Any color designation is possible)
*Change font of the dimensions level,font-size,font-style.
*Specifies the unit of dimension values.(mm/cm/m/ft-in/in/ft/yd/寸/尺/間/畳/坪/sq in/sq ft/sq yd/m2/a)
*Add prefix and suffix to the value dimensions.
*Specifies the transmittance of the areas.
*Add text,hand writing notes.
*Add stamps.
*Take a photo and rotate it.
*Save image files and work files,save as.

iPad Pro

*Create a document that displays a zoom of the dimension line and comments in the frame format.


*The product description
*To guide the size of the room facilities and property in the real estate industry


*To guide land in the real estate industry
*To verify size construction, renovation, interior in the industry
*The size indicator in manufacturing
*Note the size of your new home in the moving
*At the time of purchase furniture, note the size of existing space and furniture placement

*Dimension line with auxiliary line
*Change the font size of the dimension
*Handwriting notes
*Save as

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