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Meeting Gold – Ultimate meeting note taking and action tracking.

Meeting Gold makes meeting preparation, participation and follow-up fast, efficient and productive. Prepare for meetings in as little as 10 seconds, take and organize notes effortlessly, and even share your notes and documents, via email, with other users after the meeting. Click "…More" to learn why you should download this App today!

***** Hands down Best App I have ever purchased
I have been using the iPad from day one. I have struggled to find applications that make the iPad a truly useful device. "Meeting Gold" has finally delivered what I have been searching for. It is extremely well thought out, easy to navigate, and makes documenting the dozens of meetings I attend weekly a truly pleasing experience. The accountability from my direct reports has risen to a new level thanks to the documentation provided from this app. There is now no longer a reason not to provide all parties a follow up email which truly outlines your expectations of them following a production meeting. I have been sending a copy of my notes to my clients after meetings and the response has been overwhelmingly positive and they are taken aback by the detail to which the meeting was easily documented. I would purchase an iPad just to use this App.
by Malfrey.

Why do so many people hate meetings? They’re often disorganized, unproductive, and difficult to record. Who attended? What was resolved? What happens next? It’s a full time job just to keep track of all those notes and minutes! Meeting Gold takes that frustration and confusion out of meetings and puts you back in control.

Meeting Gold Features Include:
* Create a meeting quickly


* Quickly add new agenda items or carry forward items from previous meetings
* List attendees, take and organize notes, add images and more!
* Roll call to easily track attendance
* Email meeting notes and actions to other users as a Meeting Gold attachment

iPhone 7s

* Email notes and docs to non Meeting Gold users as a MS Word doc
* Meeting notes include automatically generated meeting summary
* Attachment documents
* Dropbox backup

Just open the app and create a new meeting. You can do it in as little as 10 seconds! The app lets you quickly and easily add or delete attendees, assemble your agenda items, and even add new items on the fly. If you have unresolved issues from previous meetings, the app makes it easy to carry them forward to your new meeting so nothing falls through the cracks.

Before Meeting Gold, participation meant sorting through notes and trying to keep up. Whether you use the tried and true notepad or a laptop and word processor, you’ve probably been spending more time keeping your notes in order than actually participating in the meeting. Meeting Gold lets you quickly type your notes, add pictures and diagrams, and even generates a detailed summary of your notes, so you can spend less time rehashing the meeting and more time actually getting things done.

What happens after the meeting? Too often the answer is "Not much." That’s usually due to a lack of follow-up. Meeting Gold makes collaboration and follow-up easy. You now have a full task management system at your fingertips, complete with a to-do list and calendar integration. The app automatically tracks your actions after the meeting, as well as the actions of other attendees.

Now that you have Meeting Gold, you’ll save time and increase productivity by making sure everyone is on the same page. Meeting Gold users can quickly share notes, minutes, actions and action updates via email. All action updates are automatically incorporated into each team member’s workflow, eliminating the need to search and update old notes. Those who don’t yet have Meeting Gold on their device will receive their updates as a MS Word attachment, so there’s no need for anyone to be out of the loop.

Ready to make your meetings painless and productive? Put down the notepad and pick up your iPad. Download Meeting Gold today and put the productivity back into your meetings!

Checkout the reviews for previous versions as well as this version. Greater than 90% four and five star reviews from other people delighted with Meeting Gold and how it has helped them be more productive.

Note since Omnifocus was updated and discontinued its interface you can no longer export tasks to it from Meeting Gold.

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