Mega Followers – for Instagram Followers & Likes | Best Apps and Games 17 August,2018

Mega Followers – for Instagram Followers & Likes

Need a Mega Ton of followers?

Mega Followers

1. Follow & Like interesting accounts or photos to earn coins
2. Follow enough accounts to level up, and earn more coins

iPhone 6s

3. Spend coins to get followers or Likes

Earn Faster:
Follow & Like at the same time to earn extra coins

Accounts share Coins:
Follow & Like using one account, then spend the coins of a different one. Perfect for building up your main Instagram account.

Tons of free bonus coins:
Collect extra bonus coins every day. Awards for the level you have reached. And many more

Leveling system:

cameron daddo

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Follow enough and you will level up. Each level you receive bonus coins.

Find great accounts:

iOS 8.1

MegaFollowers is a tool to help you find interesting accounts to follow. We reward you when you follow someone by showing your account to others.

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