Mega Followers – for Instagram Followers & Likes | Best Apps and Games 22 February,2019

Mega Followers – for Instagram Followers & Likes

Need a Mega Ton of followers?

Mega Followers

1. Follow & Like interesting accounts or photos to earn coins



2. Follow enough accounts to level up, and earn more coins

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3. Spend coins to get followers or Likes

Earn Faster:
Follow & Like at the same time to earn extra coins

Accounts share Coins:
Follow & Like using one account, then spend the coins of a different one. Perfect for building up your main Instagram account.

Tons of free bonus coins:
Collect extra bonus coins every day. Awards for the level you have reached. And many more

Leveling system:
Follow enough and you will level up. Each level you receive bonus coins.

Find great accounts:
MegaFollowers is a tool to help you find interesting accounts to follow. We reward you when you follow someone by showing your account to others.

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