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MeisterTask (task management)

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*** MeisterTask is the companion app of the intuitive online task management site ***

MeisterTask is a simple yet powerful task management and collaboration tool that perfectly adapts to your team’s workflow and lets you work together more efficiently.

MeisterTask is the most intuitive task management tool on the web. Created by the collaboration experts behind MindMeister, the platform offers a beautiful interface that makes task management not only efficient but even enjoyable. Whether you’re a software developer working with sprints, a marketing team in love with Kanban boards, or an event manager looking for some simple but powerful task lists, MeisterTask is the tool that will enable you to successfully manage your projects and up your standard in efficient collaboration. With its free mobile app for iPhone and iPad you stay on top of your to-dos wherever you are.

Feature highlights:

– Create an unlimited number of projects and invite others to collaborate with you
– Notifications keep you up to date on what’s happening in your team
– Real-time communication across all devices
– Customizable project boards that support agile workflows (software sprints, Kanban boards etc.)
– Focus widget shows all your tasks that are due, overdue or marked as important

lindsay gottlieb

– Activity stream in projects and tasks
– Commenting and liking on tasks
– Upload attachments directly from Dropbox, Camera, Photo Library or iCloud
– Add checklists, descriptions, due dates and tags to your tasks
– Watch tasks to follow your team members’ progress

– Intro slides
– Show section actions
– Upload attachment enhancements

iPad Air 3

– New attachments view

iPhone 7

iOS 8

– Empty states
– User invitation enhancements
– Bug fixes and UI enhancements

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